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Dropship Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a selection of frequently asked questions which cover most aspects of our service and delivery. However if you can't find the information you are looking for please contact us at Customer Service.

Q: Do you offer delivery to Amazon Fulfilment on Dropship?

  • No, but we do offer it from our wholesale website  Dropship is designed for B2C delivery, so we are shipping directly to your customer, Puckator dropship is fulfilling the order.  Amazon fulfilment requires additional processes including special packing and labelling that we cannot offer through dropship.  Our system is set up so that as soon as your order is received it is sent to our warehouse for picking, packing and dispatch.  If you wish to order for delivery to Amazon, please visit our wholesale website

Q: Where can I see your prices?

  • To view our prices all we ask you to do is to sign up to our Dropship service, which is absolutely FREE. This will then open up a number of opportunities to sell all our products in many ways, from your web site and from E-Bay, etc. Follow this link to register.  Please note that all the prices you see on our site are exclusive of VAT. VAT will be calculated in the final step of the checkout process where you can review your entire order before confirmation.

Q: Why do you show RRP on all your products?

  • We show the RRP to give you a loose idea on what sort of price you could potentially sell your item for. However, this price isn't set in stone and as you are in control of your own prices, you can set your own RRP to be higher or lower. The price then affects the profit you could potentially make, but we recommend you take our RRP as a guide and set your prices according to the business model you want to follow.  All our RRP prices are calculated as follows, we take our base dropship price, then times it by 2.35 for the markup, the RRP price also includes the VAT on that product. So as you can see it very much depends on what kind of markup you want to set on your products.

Q: How do I convert the prices into Euros?

  • For prices in Euros please select the Euros dropdown from the Currencies list displayed on the left hand side of each page.

Q: Do you have a minimum order?

  • No, you can order as many items from us as you like and this in turn means your customers can buy as much as they like from you.

Q: How much is shipping?

  • Shipping varies from Country to Country; please see our Delivery Page for exact prices.

Q: How long will my customer have to wait for their delivery?

  • Delivery times vary depending on the customers location. The average delivery time to mainland UK is 2 - 3 working days from dispatch so allowing for your order to be processed the average time from you placing your order to it arriving with your customers is 4 - 7 working days. For full delivery information please go to our Delivery Page . Please note during the busier times of year including Christmas, delivery times may take longer as delivery companies tend to have to deal with larger demand for their services. Where possible we will make you aware of any cut off times to ensure delivery takes place in time. We do recommend you setting expectations with your customers for these busier times as well.

Q: What do we do about breakages or damaged items?

  • We sell giftware, so it is inevitable that the odd piece of merchandise can get broken in transit. If this happens please email our Customer Service team.

Q: Are the products displayed on your website in stock?

  • We have set a threshold on this website to ensure that there is at least 15 of each product in stock. If the stock falls under this level then the product will not show on the website. Equally our feeds may have thresholds set between 15 and 20. Because there can be cross-overs with orders on our other sites, we've looked at ways to minimise disappointment and therefore one of the outcomes was to implement a standard threshold.

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

  • We accept all major credit and debit cards or paypal as payment. Please don't send any extra money to our paypal account without contacting us first.

Q: Is my payment secure?

  • Yes, our site and payment system is 100% secure. We have chosen a company which provides the online payment system for all our websites, so we are confident that all transactions are secure.

Q: How will my order be packed?

  • Most of our Gift Lines are individually boxed with packaging straight from the factories, where items are of a more fragile nature, we boister the packaging with bubble wrap and paper to provide a more solid package for delivery, this extra padding makes up the admin charge on your products.

Q: Why did I see the Puckator logo on the box?

  • Alongside the products we buy from around the world, we also design, make and sell our own products, which tend to come in our own specially designed boxes which invariably have our logo on them. This isn't a bad thing though as we're confident your customer won't worry where they've come from anyway!

Q: Can the customer find out about you? What's on the packaging sent to them?

  • Apart from our products mentioned, we use return address tape which simply says Head Office, then our address, nothing relating to Puckator. Where products aren't delivered for one reason or another, we'd prefer them to be sent back to us instead of ending up in a furnace, so if they are returned to us we will contact you to see how you want to proceed. With our new label system we ensure our order number is on them, so we can get in contact with you immediately to make you aware of the current state of the order.

Q: Can I print my invoices?

  • Yes, there is now a feature within the account section of the website where when you click to view an order there is a print button at the top right which will print a copy of your invoice including details of when and how it was sent.  (Please note: Some internet browsers may print the invoice different sizes, mozilla firefox generally prints on 2 pages, whereas internet explorer generally prints on 1 page.  This is dependent on the settings of your internet browser and is not set by the print settings we have created.)


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