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Dropship Essential Oils

Dropship Essential Oils 

Dropship Essential oils are used extensively in aromatherapy and various traditional medicinal systems. We have over 70 essential oils available at low trade prices. Due to the numerous health benefits of essential oils, they are being explored by the scientific community for treating a variety of diseases, afflictions and ailments. There are more than 70 essential oils available at low dropship prices, each having it's own health benefits, our essential oil blends well with many other essential oils enabling herbalists to blends aromatic tonics.

Most of these essential oils are strong in nature and can cause side effects, if they are not used in appropriate manner and quantities, therefore you should consult a medical practitioner before using these essential oils. Most Should be used with a base / carrier oil. What is an Essential Oil?
An essential oil is a concentrated, hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants. They are also known as volatile or ethereal oils, or simply as the "oil of" the plant material from which they were extracted, such as oil of clove. An oil is "essential" in the sense that it carries a distinctive scent, or essence, of the plant


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